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Super weed or super food?

Dandelion, or Lions Tooth, from the French ‘dent de lion’ (Taraxacum) derives from the Asteraceae family. We all love to hate this plant when it pops up in the middle of a nicely trimmed lawn and it seems no matter what we do to try and rid ourselves they still keep on acoming.

Well take a closer look at this plant we commonly refer to as a weed and you may have a different opinion.

The Dandelion contains pharmacologically active compounds which have been used for centuries in Europe, the United States and China as a herbal remedy for infections, bile and liver complaints and it can be used as a diuretic for anyone suffering with water retention.

The dandelion is also beneficial for pollinating insects. It brings nutrients, minerals and nitrogen to the soil and remarkably has the ability to ripen fruit so it…

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